10 Fun Things To Do On The Beautiful Island Of Crete

The beautiful island of Crete holds much allure for travelers headed to Greece, especially with fun things like this on the itinerary.

Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world and is known for its rich history. It is among the top-visited countries in the world. Greece is one of the places that had the oldest civilization. It is basically considered the birthplace of modern civilization. As a result, traveling to the country offers tourists so many things to enjoy.

Civilization was identified in Greece as early as 2700 BC. The country is full of monuments, heritage sites, and museums. This means that a tourist may find it difficult to select the best places to visit or things to do. Let’s find out the 10 best things for a tourist to do in Greece.

10A Tour Of Spinalonga Island


Spinalonga is a tiny island located just close to Crete. A tourist in Crete can easily access the Island through a short boat ride. It is found in the Gulf of Elounda. This is an island that offers the history of Venetian.

Although it is tiny, the peace and calmness are amazing for visitors. There are many natural attractions to see on the Island. It is a good place for someone looking to rest and explore great beaches.

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9Visit Heraklion Archeological Museum


This is where the history of the people is found. The Heraklion Museum is found within Crete city and contains a good history of the ancient people. In the Museum, there are many pieces which include sculptures, pottery, frescoes, jewelry, and weapons obtained from the Minoan Civilization.

Other things found in this Museum are archeological pieces discovered during the Roman and Neolithic Era. As a result, one gets a chance to learn about the history of Greece from as early as 1800 BCE.

8Discover The Beaches Of Chania


In the Chania region of Crete, guests will have a chance to discover the best beaches in Greece. Several beaches are located close to each other, offering a great environment and activities. One of them is Balos beach which offers an excellent chance to enjoy the white sand and lagoon.

A visitor can also visit Elafonisi Beach, which is a good place for a spectacular experience of the pink sand and the calm sea. With this beach being just 70km from Chania, tourists can enjoy weekends here. The other beach to discover is Falasarna beach.

7Hike In The Samaria Gorge


A tourist who enjoys walking and exploring nature will create long-lasting memories in this region. The experience of walking within the Samaria Gorge is unmatched anywhere. The journey starts at the Omalos Plateau and goes for 16 km. Deep in the Gorge is where all the experience is.

One can walk in the Gorge, which is several meters deep, and see the surrounding mountains, natural vegetation, rocks, white soil, and animals living down below.

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6Tour Loutro Village

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The Loutro Village is located in the south coastal parts of Crete. It is a tiny village that is worth visiting. The village is known for its fishing practice. It is a total throwback-style village that can show the true history of Greece.

The village is considered a cut-off from the rest of Greece due to how far it is located and hidden. As a result, no direct roads lead to the village. One must take a boat to access it. However, a visitor will enjoy the warm stay and great seafood.

5Strolling In The Chania Old Town


The old town of Chania is a great place to visit in Greece as it is one of the prettiest places. The old town has amazing things to see, such as the romantic old port, the Venetian quarter, Egyptian lighthouse, and more.

There is so much to admire in this region that one should take time to stroll through its streets. Other places include Zudecca, a Jewish neighborhood, and a Synagogue that dates back to the 15th century. The streets of the old town also offer many items to buy and unique food.

4Ferry Ride To Loutro

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The Ferry offers breathtaking views and a memorable experience. One can take the Ferry all the way to Loutro. There are scenic views that one will never forget. Visiting the Chora Sfakion village is also a must-do. One can take the Ferry, spend the night in the village and learn more about the people.

Loutro region offers excellent hiking mountains and valleys for people who love mountain hikes.

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3Visit The Holy Trinity Monastery


The Holy Trinity Monastery holds a lot of history that will surely surprise a lot of people. However, the visit to this monastery is the real deal. When visiting Greece, one can take a chance to get away from the towns and visit this monastery. It is tacked far in the interior, but it has some amazing features of the old times that are worth knowing about.

Although the monastery is several years old, it has been renovated and maintained such that it holds its original feel and meaning.

2Explore The Venetian Harbor Of Chania


This harbor was built in 1320 by the Venetians, and it holds great history. It stretches far for seven hundred meters and has a lighthouse that serves as the city’s symbol. The harbor holds the history of how different operations were carried out. It was divided into several wings, with each side serving a specific function.

1Explore The Mirabello Bay

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It is the 5th largest bay in the whole of Europe. As a result, Mirambello is a place worth visiting. It has served as a perfect place to dive and offers dip waters. Exploring the area offers visitors a great time to relax and enjoy the fresh air and scenic views. It is also close to other major areas, making it ideal for vacations or weekends.

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